Within us all is an Inner light just waiting to help us to heal when we are ready to do... 

There is no doubt about it, and no sugar coating it.

When we look within we are going to discover things that we don't want to see, things that...

Make us uncomfortable.

We try really hard to forget

Bring out our insecurities and fears

But here is the really cool thing about this work... 

It truly can be fun. 

Even in the face of our deepest fears there is an ability for us to laugh through our tears and enjoy the journey. This is why I am here! To help you ...

Discover the wonder in the uncomfortable moments

Embrace your imperfections you've tried to forget

Face your insecurities and fears with laughter and joy

Are you ready to get started?

Hi! I'm Susie

I am a compassionate, energetic, fun loving healer and teacher.  I've been to the dark side of life (trust me they DON'T have cookies) and I have found my way back to the light by cultivating my own inner light. 

I created this business because I was asked to… 


since I was in high school…

in a million different ways.

Susie Buck

Usui/Karuna® Holy Fire® Reiki Master 

More About Me...

What I hear most often is  “can you teach me to be like you?” 

My answer has always been “Nope! I’m uniquely me! I’ll be happy to teach you much of the stuff I did in order to become who I am…"  And that is exactly what this website is here to do.

From freebies, courses, to a one-on-one conversation with me, I am here to show you how I use the tools and lessons once shared with me to create tap into your inner light. 

I work with clients across the United States looking to tap into their inner light through the healing power of Reiki and other energy medicine modalities. You can also find me at The Corner Spot in Madison, SD

If you are even just a little bit interested I invite you to reach out, send me an email or book a free discovery call to discover how I can help you Cultivate Your Inner Light. 

Tapping into it can be serious business my friend.

And it can be a lot of fun too! 

Cultivating Your Inner Light is often as simple as shifting your energy, your focus and your intentions. And this can be done in a few minutes.

Where would you like to begin?