Meet Susie

I created this business because I was asked to… 


since I was in high school…

in a million different ways.

What I hear most often is  “can you teach me to be like you?” 

My answer has always been “Nope! I’m uniquely me! I’ll be happy to teach you much of the stuff I did in order to become who I am…"  And that is exactly what this website is here to do. From freebies, courses, to a one-on-one conversation with me, I am here to show you how I use the tools and lessons once shared with me to create tap into your inner light. 

For me it has always been about tapping into my inner light!

Within us all is a light just waiting to help us to...  discover ~ learn ~ heal. Tapping into this light can be serious business, and at times it is hard work, but it is also always a journey you don't want to miss!

And the work is also often really fun! 

My journey began as a child... 

It may have even been as a baby, because I have always been uniquely me!

I was lucky enough to have parents that could see my fascination with spirituality and it’s relevance to the tangible world. My first teachers introduced me to the Edgar Casey Foundation. At the age of 9, my formal training began in energy work and Intuition development.

Equally fascinated by various fields of science I have studied extensively alternate healing modalities as well as a Bachelor's Degree in Biology. 

As a spiritual healer and teacher, I can help you tap into your intuition, embrace who you have always wanted to be and face where you feel the most vulnerable.  

Using my years of training and experience, I can help you connect with your inner light and guidance to help you heal your body, mind and soul. I can teach you how to use the tools that have helped me, and how to make them a natural part of your every day. 

My professional training... 

I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Biology in 1997. From there I had the pleasure of tapping into nature in the most amazing ways, while working as a Park Ranger. 

After my move to South Dakota, I began my advanced study in the metaphysics side of things, receiving my Reiki 1/2 certification in 2011, followed by my Reiki Master/Teacher certification in 2012. I love the healing energy of Reiki, but my scientific brain craved to know more. Which is exactly why I enrolled in BodyTalk Certification Training in 2014. 

I continue working to advance my knowledge, working towards advanced certifications in Reiki and BodyTalk, whicle seeking out new modalities. 

Most recently in June 2022 I upgraded my Reiki Training to complete a Usui/Holy Fire III ® Master and Holy Fire ® III Karuna Reiki ® Master.

What this means to you… I can teach it all online at a Higher frequency. 

Training I did just for fun... 

There is a wide world of mystery before us, and I love to learn. Which is why I began studying Numerology is 2012. 

I became a certified Professional Master Level Oracle Card Reader  with Denise Linn in 2012 and Elemental Space Clearing Practitioner  I also Studied under Grand Master Parag Pattani as a Crystal and Reiki Healer. 

So welcome my friend! 

For those of you who have walked along side me in this creative business- wow! Thank you! Let’s reconnect!
For those of you who are discovering yourself now…  you asked, and you manifested me!
Let’s Talk!

My Promise and Commitment to You... 

As a healing practitioner I promise to...

Serve you with love, compassion and excellence 

Provide you with a safe place to simply be you and share what is on your heart

Protect and respect  your privacy like a mother lion to her cub. 

Share my insights with you openly and honestly 

Be sensitive and respectful of your spiritual and religious beliefs. 

Help you face your vulnerabilities and discover healing resolutions

Focus on the positive, the happy and the joy

As a teacher I promise to... 

Share with you relevant resources to aid you in your journey

Provide you with a safe place to learn and grow

Teach with a focus on empowering you for a brighter future 

Promote inner work and cultivate growth in the courses I offer 

Be sensitive and respectful of your spiritual and religious beliefs. 

Focus on the positive, the happy and the joy

And again... Protect and respect  your privacy like a mother lion to her cub.