Work with Susie

Tapping into your inner light can be serious business my friend. 

There is no doubt about it, and no sugar coating it. When we look within we are going to discover things that we don't want to see, things that we ... 

Make us uncomfortable.

Try really hard to forget

Bring out our insecurities and fears 

But here is the really cool thing about this work... 

It truly can be fun. Even in the face of our deepest fears there is an ability for us to laugh through our tears and enjoy the journey. 

This is what I am here to do. To help you find ...

Discover the wonder in the uncomfortable moments

Embrace your imperfections you've tried to forget

Face your insecurities and fears with laughter and joy

And it all begins with a free call. 

In our initial call we are going to focus in on where are you today and where you want to be. Through our 1:1 conversation we will begin to develop personalized rituals that support you where you are today and where you desire to be.

Are you ready to take first step? 

Where do we go after the initial free call? 

We schedule a healing session! 

Your healing session will be as unique as you are, tailored 100% to what you need in the moment. After all it is your Inner Light we are working on!  

I use MANY healing modalities including

  • Lymphatic Drainage - Veltheim Method
  • Usui/Karuna ®/Holy Fire ® Reiki
  • BodyTalk ®
  • and many more techniques 

Each session is designed to assist you with healing that past and creating a healthy future full of joy. To learn more about the healing modalities used click here.

How do I know I am ready for this work?

Are you...

Desiring joy? Happiness? Abundance?

Tired of feeling stuck?

Ready to look within and get to work?

Committed to being honest with yourself? 

Ready to discover the "fun part" of healing? 

If you answered yes to any of these, you are ready! Click the button... Schedule a call... and let's get to work!